I hate not seeing you, it makes me anxious

I hate not speaking to you,it makes me nauseous

I hate that I like you,it makes me too self conscious

I hate that I always miss you,it makes me  overcautious

I don’t know when and I don’t know how

But you had me whipped from hello and now

I can’t get you out of my mind

I may not show it but behind

This impassive mask  that I put on

I’m dying to hold you tight and cuddle on my futon

I want to scream and shout whenever you show up

I want you to run into my arms and make me stay up

All night talking about the moon and the stars

And if heaven is real and if we could move to Mars

But I hate that time flies too fast when we’re together

I hate that when I see you I lose my train of thought altogether

I hate my fear that if I try to pull you close it might push you away further

I hate that I was raised right by my mother and father

Because they taught me how to treat a lady

So that means that with you I can’t act all shady

Like a tree.instead I have to be a gentleman

You make me want to resurrect chivalry

Cz I’ll always give you my coat if you ever get shivery

I hate that you’re so pretty and I have to stare

I hate that after we hug my chest feels so bare

I hate that my heart beats for you and I have to pretend I don’t care

I hate that I can’t admit I like you when playing truth or dare

Cz I’d rather run a mile butt naked than

Tell the truth about my feelings for you like a man

Then again, it is really not that easy

I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound so cheesy

But Nothing else can make a guy feel so uneasy

It easier for a camel to enter the needle’s eye

Than to open up.it doesn’t work like that

But  you’ve made me blinder than a bat

So i see nothing wrong with giving it to you straight

I am a fish caught up in your unsuspecting bait

I can’t take it no more I’m not going to wait

If I’m not your Mr Right then move me to the left

Cz I’m at the police station ready to report the theft

Of my heart and you’re the villain 

I’m drinking coke yet can’t taste the feeling

Since all I want to taste is your tender lips 

And feel your soft skin on my fingertips

And explore your incredible mind like Dora

And open up your mystical box like Pandora

I love your smile ,it is definitely charming

I love your personality, it is so disarming

I love how you’re so gentle,you can do no harming

I love how you’ve grown in my heart, you know your farming

Of love and other drugs pt2

Kiba alisema mapenzi yana-run dunia

Lakini nadhani kwangu love imechoka kukimbia 

Ju Madem hawataki wasee wa campo

Wametuleft sa wanafuata wazee ka ocampo

Nimekazana kuchapa gym niget six pack abs

But wanataka buda anadrink 6pack ya beer na kulipa uber cabs

Ziwachukue from the hostel to the motel

Ju room yangu ni bedsitter na tunaishi wanaume ka sita

So dem haezikam sleepover 

Another one gave me the slip over

The fact that sina pesa ya kumpeleka out

Hataki kuelewa that mfukoni nina drought

Hapo ndio nilijua love isn’t what a relationship is about

That Kumbe mapenzi haihusu feelings from within

Alisema atakua na mimi through thick and thin

 Alimaanisha my thick wallet and her thin waist

Vile alianza kubeba nyuma alini-dump ka waste

Ati I now can’t handle the booty

Na kwa chess mi ndio hupiga wasee kabuti

Saii ako na ka- iPhone na mulika mwizi

Yangu nikimpigia naambiwa eti ‘line busy’

She’s into married men ,no strings attached

Someone who knows his way on her body,leaves no part untouched

But ni funny that though I always let her come first 

When she rode me,she wants a guy who comes fast

Like the flash to a damsel in distress

Ndio a-avoid pillow talk about life and its stress

Mi hupiga magoti Mungu aniongeze baraka

Na kama nafaa kuwa na wife amlete haraka

Campo dem will only get on her knees for a sponsor

Ju afterwards atapewa whatever it is amekosa

I can’t keep up with the amount of upkeep money sina amani

Ati dem anataka Prada na kwetu hatujawai vaa Armani

Si heri niache kukatiana mi sio mama mboga

Kama mapenzi ni story mi nimechoka kubonga

Maybe another day

​Loving you is a crime

For which I’m not ready to pay the fine,

not even a dime

As much as I would love to call you mine,

I really don’t want to waste your time

I can tell that you’re in your prime

And I wish I could pay you no mind

Because even when I rise to get on my grind

I can’t see anything it’s like I’m blind

Because like usher Raymond you remind

Me of a girl I used to date 

Don’t get me wrong ,it’s not that I hate

You but I find it sickening that fate

Would send you my way this late

And so soon when my broken heart is still raw

And my chest still hurts whenever I draw

A sharp breath because she’s still in the front row

Of my mind.I know you’re just what I need

But I would be doing you an unjust deed

If I allowed myself to lead

You on, only to be a weed

Of pain In your garden of bubbly laughter and joy

I’d rather keep you away from my game and ploy

Even though you’re ready to give me the licence

To drive you crazy even when common sense

Tells you that I’m seated on the fence

About my feelings for you.I want to make you smile 

But I fear I’ll make you cry.I want to go the extra mile

For you but my legs won’t carry me while

I’m thinking about you. I don’t want to be selfish

And feed you a plate of sweet nothing gibberish

Knowing full well that you’re swimming upstream like salmon fish

In my heart. The progress would be rather sluggish.

So for once I’m putting myself 2nd and you first

Until I can be someone you can trust

When I’m sure that I’m not being lead by thirst

Like Them other guys who are hitting on you just

To add you on their hit list like assassins

Misusing you like that would be the worst of my sins

Girl you’re a princess and you need a prince

Charming Who will fill your cup of laughter to the brim

And make a reality everything that you dream 

Of.If I ever broke your heart that would be equal to treason

And I’d deserve to spend the rest of my life in prison

.I know that it’s possible I’ve not given you a satisfactory reason

As to why it is not yet our season

But if our paths cross again another day

Best believe that not one more second will I delay

Yours truly ,Paul Zay


Hey you ,notice me,

please pay attention to me

Don’t ignore me,keep your focus on me

Don’t take your eyes off me

Don’t shut your ears to stories about me

Don’t keep my name off your mouth,talk about me

I crave 

that attention

I love it when it’s my name you mention

Without it I feel like a fish out of water

Powerless, Like a wandless Harry Potter

I wish I could say that I couldn’t care

Less what you thought of me but the truth is you scare

Me into doing things I wouldn’t normally dare

Do.you’ve got me jumping hoops like a helpless hare

To impress you and yet inside I’m left feeling bare

I arrive late just so I can make a grand entry

And ensure you keep your eyes open like a night sentry

I should have a cemetery for all the time I’ve killed

Doing things I don’t like for people who don’t mind if I keeled 

Over and died today. I choose trendy clothes off the rack

Knowing full well I’d be more comfortable in slacks or a track

Suit but hey I’m young and fab it’s no work

Watch me whip,look at my dabb,see me twerk

I love being the center of attraction

Any publicity is a plus,no subtraction

Look at me,this is the face to remember

All year-long from January to December

Of the the cool kids club I want to be a member

Even if it means exposing my member

To get a couple more views from the six

Or 40 or 50 Nellys and jeremihs trying to get the fix

Off my desperation. For so long I’ve worn a mask

Taking it off would be like depriving a jumbo of his tusk

Does it mean that I’m shallow?

Loneliness is the most bitter pill to swallow

And I gag whenever I try

Believe me I have tried to pry

Myself loose from this precarious position

But even when I’m looking at the mirror I can’t face the transition

I am guilty of prostitution ,I am a attention whore

Looking for restitution, I don’t want to be this anymore

I don’t know why I need you to approve 

Of me yet I know that I have nothing to prove

Independent, I don’t need your hand to hold

I’m tired of this game I’m ready to fold

Hi,I’m you and I’m an addict synonymous

With AA meetings for Attention Anonymous


Of love and other drugs

​Nilidhani itakua kazi rahisi kuwa na manzi

After all kile anataka ni soda kuku na vibanzi

Kumbe anataka kupanda juu in society na mi ndio ngazi

Na vile nimesota inabidi nikue jambazi

Ili ni-sustain her expensive habits

Angalau aniachie nikute her bits.

Ujinga ni kujidanganya that her heart I’ve won

In reality I know  I’m not the only one

Ju Akiwa na mi haoni haja ya kujirembesha

Maybe ye huskiza khaligrah,zake tu ni em-besha

Akipitia tao aone trenchcoat na matching heels

Ka kwetu haingekua plateau I would’ve run for the hills

Nimefanywa kipofu na mapenzi ju siezi ona

But if hii ndio love wanasema is found in every corner

Then my life must be a circle,duara

Ananipenda kwa maneno tu,ye si doerer 

Eti live fast die young na yolo ndio her motto

Anapepeta pot ya sheesha but home jiko haiwaki moto

Kwa klabu anakamatia chini hadi wazime mataa

Lakini haezi inama kufua nguo,mgongo imekataa

Hii wife material hununuliwa wapi in large quantity

 Angalau nimshonee nguo nayo apate hio quality

Ndio wasee wakiona moshi kwangu wajue nimepata jiko

Sio ati ju ugali imeungua ju sijui kushika mwiko