Hey you ,notice me,

please pay attention to me

Don’t ignore me,keep your focus on me

Don’t take your eyes off me

Don’t shut your ears to stories about me

Don’t keep my name off your mouth,talk about me

I crave 

that attention

I love it when it’s my name you mention

Without it I feel like a fish out of water

Powerless, Like a wandless Harry Potter

I wish I could say that I couldn’t care

Less what you thought of me but the truth is you scare

Me into doing things I wouldn’t normally dare’ve got me jumping hoops like a helpless hare

To impress you and yet inside I’m left feeling bare

I arrive late just so I can make a grand entry

And ensure you keep your eyes open like a night sentry

I should have a cemetery for all the time I’ve killed

Doing things I don’t like for people who don’t mind if I keeled 

Over and died today. I choose trendy clothes off the rack

Knowing full well I’d be more comfortable in slacks or a track

Suit but hey I’m young and fab it’s no work

Watch me whip,look at my dabb,see me twerk

I love being the center of attraction

Any publicity is a plus,no subtraction

Look at me,this is the face to remember

All year-long from January to December

Of the the cool kids club I want to be a member

Even if it means exposing my member

To get a couple more views from the six

Or 40 or 50 Nellys and jeremihs trying to get the fix

Off my desperation. For so long I’ve worn a mask

Taking it off would be like depriving a jumbo of his tusk

Does it mean that I’m shallow?

Loneliness is the most bitter pill to swallow

And I gag whenever I try

Believe me I have tried to pry

Myself loose from this precarious position

But even when I’m looking at the mirror I can’t face the transition

I am guilty of prostitution ,I am a attention whore

Looking for restitution, I don’t want to be this anymore

I don’t know why I need you to approve 

Of me yet I know that I have nothing to prove

Independent, I don’t need your hand to hold

I’m tired of this game I’m ready to fold

Hi,I’m you and I’m an addict synonymous

With AA meetings for Attention Anonymous



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