Maybe another day

​Loving you is a crime

For which I’m not ready to pay the fine,

not even a dime

As much as I would love to call you mine,

I really don’t want to waste your time

I can tell that you’re in your prime

And I wish I could pay you no mind

Because even when I rise to get on my grind

I can’t see anything it’s like I’m blind

Because like usher Raymond you remind

Me of a girl I used to date 

Don’t get me wrong ,it’s not that I hate

You but I find it sickening that fate

Would send you my way this late

And so soon when my broken heart is still raw

And my chest still hurts whenever I draw

A sharp breath because she’s still in the front row

Of my mind.I know you’re just what I need

But I would be doing you an unjust deed

If I allowed myself to lead

You on, only to be a weed

Of pain In your garden of bubbly laughter and joy

I’d rather keep you away from my game and ploy

Even though you’re ready to give me the licence

To drive you crazy even when common sense

Tells you that I’m seated on the fence

About my feelings for you.I want to make you smile 

But I fear I’ll make you cry.I want to go the extra mile

For you but my legs won’t carry me while

I’m thinking about you. I don’t want to be selfish

And feed you a plate of sweet nothing gibberish

Knowing full well that you’re swimming upstream like salmon fish

In my heart. The progress would be rather sluggish.

So for once I’m putting myself 2nd and you first

Until I can be someone you can trust

When I’m sure that I’m not being lead by thirst

Like Them other guys who are hitting on you just

To add you on their hit list like assassins

Misusing you like that would be the worst of my sins

Girl you’re a princess and you need a prince

Charming Who will fill your cup of laughter to the brim

And make a reality everything that you dream 

Of.If I ever broke your heart that would be equal to treason

And I’d deserve to spend the rest of my life in prison

.I know that it’s possible I’ve not given you a satisfactory reason

As to why it is not yet our season

But if our paths cross again another day

Best believe that not one more second will I delay

Yours truly ,Paul Zay


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