I hate not seeing you, it makes me anxious

I hate not speaking to you,it makes me nauseous

I hate that I like you,it makes me too self conscious

I hate that I always miss you,it makes me  overcautious

I don’t know when and I don’t know how

But you had me whipped from hello and now

I can’t get you out of my mind

I may not show it but behind

This impassive mask  that I put on

I’m dying to hold you tight and cuddle on my futon

I want to scream and shout whenever you show up

I want you to run into my arms and make me stay up

All night talking about the moon and the stars

And if heaven is real and if we could move to Mars

But I hate that time flies too fast when we’re together

I hate that when I see you I lose my train of thought altogether

I hate my fear that if I try to pull you close it might push you away further

I hate that I was raised right by my mother and father

Because they taught me how to treat a lady

So that means that with you I can’t act all shady

Like a tree.instead I have to be a gentleman

You make me want to resurrect chivalry

Cz I’ll always give you my coat if you ever get shivery

I hate that you’re so pretty and I have to stare

I hate that after we hug my chest feels so bare

I hate that my heart beats for you and I have to pretend I don’t care

I hate that I can’t admit I like you when playing truth or dare

Cz I’d rather run a mile butt naked than

Tell the truth about my feelings for you like a man

Then again, it is really not that easy

I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound so cheesy

But Nothing else can make a guy feel so uneasy

It easier for a camel to enter the needle’s eye

Than to open up.it doesn’t work like that

But  you’ve made me blinder than a bat

So i see nothing wrong with giving it to you straight

I am a fish caught up in your unsuspecting bait

I can’t take it no more I’m not going to wait

If I’m not your Mr Right then move me to the left

Cz I’m at the police station ready to report the theft

Of my heart and you’re the villain 

I’m drinking coke yet can’t taste the feeling

Since all I want to taste is your tender lips 

And feel your soft skin on my fingertips

And explore your incredible mind like Dora

And open up your mystical box like Pandora

I love your smile ,it is definitely charming

I love your personality, it is so disarming

I love how you’re so gentle,you can do no harming

I love how you’ve grown in my heart, you know your farming


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