Who hurt you?

Who hurt you?

Made your shoulders droop when you walk

Made your voice lack life whenever you talk

Who made you promises of being husband and wife

And left you broken and alone at the altar holding on for dear life

Who said that they’d love you forever and always

But they lied and went back to their cheating ways

Who made you sigh deeply with intense regret and dread

When you look back and remember how they threw you out like stale bread

Who made you feel like you’re suffocating

Because air couldn’t get into your lungs fast enough when you’re hyperventilating

Who killed your spirit and made your face drop

Whose face do you not want to see when a photo you crop

Who flooded your pillow with an ocean of tears

Who undid the love that building up took years

Who knowingly violated your sacred trust

Yet acted like forgiving them is a must

Who makes you listen to heartbreak songs 

And relate to every lyric stating all the wrongs

That were done to you.

Who hurt you?

Who took your heart and tore it to pieces

Treated you like you were a pile of feaces 

Who fed you a fat buffet of lies

That the limit wasn’t beyond the open skies

Who promised you butterflies and rainbows

But only brought you rain and bows

Firing arrows at your heart

Who filled your mouth with bitterness

And stripped you of your badge of tenderness

Who taught you to say love isn’t real

That it is really not that big of a deal

Who told you that being in love is a wild fantasy

That only fools believe in such fallacy 

Who made you vow to never love again

Because the joy it should bring doesn’t outweigh the pain

Who made you have to take sedatives to help you 


As the memories kill you and always keep 

You up when they hit you at 2 a.m

Who turned your life to a living mayhem

Who said they’d be your hero but was the villain

Chocking your affectation with no refrain

Who hurt you?

Tell me,who hurt you?


9 thoughts on “Who hurt you?

  1. Smart mouth so this right here became your clandestine safe haven.
    Poetry? Who would have thought,I must admit I’m impressed in spite of my hard to impress nature.


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