soul gazing

I heard that the eyes were the window to the soul

So I grabbed a chair and held her hand in mine and I looked

Into her windows like a peeping Tom 

As I tried to understand a beautiful being that I couldn’t fathom

Her eyes were magnificent like the stained glass at the cathedral

Her eyes hid a million mysteries behind the veil of her cathedral

As I stared into her bottomless eyes I felt like I was falling

I may be crazy but my name her soul was calling

Her eyes had their own gravity and I was drawn in

And  transfixed , a captive of her mighty force

We didn’t say anything,we didn’t need to

In the silence our hearts talked in their own language

Things that the brain couldn’t make the mouth say,

The fingers couldn’t write and the ears couldn’t hear

What was being shared.the depth of the moment

Could not be documented but the silent communication

Caused ripples that turned into mighty waves of overwhelming emotion

That couldn’t be contained in our hearts but poured out relentlessly,

Eager to be embraced by the other. Love was in the water

And I didn’t have enough air in my lungs to hold my breath

So I drowned in her love. It flowed into every crevice in my soul

And drenched me through and through I was soaking wet

With her love. Oh it was a beautiful death and I wanted to die a thousand 

Times in the same manner. With our fingers intertwined ,

Staring into her eyes and losing myself in its vastness

Her eyes were the holy grail into which my soul poured into

Her eyes made me sing hallelujah

And soar above the mountains like an eagle

Her eyes were the first thing I looked for when I entered a room

When we locked eyes,a piece of the puzzle fell in place

The bigger picture became clearer than day

As we gazed into each other’s soul

We couldn’t draw apart even if we wanted to

The magical zing electrified the air around us

Charging it up with energy from the universe

That conspired to bring us together in that very moment

Time stood still, the earth’s plates stopped shifting for a moment

 The strings of fate and destiny paused weaving our future for a moment

Because at that very moment,everything was perfect

All was right with world for that small moment

The heavens opened up and bathed us with its glorious light

And we saw ,we saw infinity .we saw the Weaver’s hands 

Our faces radiated  as we  achieved the perfect state of nirvana

Copyright ©paulzay 2016


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