Loose ends

We were a perfect match me and you

Maybe that’

s why we burned out so fast

Thought we’d be stuck together like glue

Instead we lost sight of the first

Love that we had for each other

And let it become more of a bother

It is alarming how quickly we both ceased 

To care for each other as we were both seized

By life’s hustle and bustle 

And robbed our relationship of the muscle

Or rather the tendons that held us together 

Slowly the vultures started to gather

When they saw our impending death

They waited eagerly with bated breath

Because although We definitely were a perfect fit

Like the size 6 tommys for your little feet

What we had was merely a skeleton, no meat

Unfortunately neither of us saw the need to meet 

The other half way and fill the the chasm

That got larger with each violent spasm

Of our dying hearts. Now I’m preparing our eulogy

We’ve done this twice already,now it’s a trilogy

Whoever said love makes the world go round

Should know our earth stopped spinning and the ground

Is where we’re at  cz we fell from cloud nine

Drunk in love no more,now it is cheap wine

To drown away  our sorrows and misery

That loves our company but why so remains a mystery

Does the fact that it hurts mean we still care

or do the tears on our pillows say we shouldn’t dare 

Try again. though we glittered,turns out we weren’t gold

But had we known that ,would we have been bold

Enough to jump into uncharted waters 

With sharks nipping at our hind quarters?

It is better to have loved and lost

Than not to have loved at all like most

People. Loving is expensive and we paid the cost

By sacrificing our friendship just to be more

Than friends. Here we are,eyes red,puffy and sore

From weeping all night as if we were mourning.

Pain lasts the night but joy comes in the morning.

It was good while it lasted, We had a good run

But it’s time to say goodbye,time to end the fun

Though you Won’t always be my baby, Mariah Carey 

Just know that my heart you will always carry.

Copyright ©paulzay 2016


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