Flames 2: sidebar

I’ll admit it,you caught my eye and I looked

You were my first dose of heroin and I got hooked

But I got tired of staring and my eyelids drooped

Because though my heart is stupid,my mind cannot be duped 

Meeting you got me a seemingly unquenchable yearning

But the spark doesn’t keep the flame burning

Beyond the dazzling smile do you have more to offer?

Beneath your curves that leave an imprint on the sofa

Is there anything worth writing home about

Or are we going to be knocked out in the first bout

I am not a rebel but with you I had to flout

All my codes and principles because you had clout

In my brain.but once the dust settles will this zing

Still be there or will I be howling at the pain from the sting

After realizing that what stung me wasn’t the love bug

Some of us can’t fall in this hole called love and even

When we’re unfortunate enough to do so, we climb out

Because sooner or later we realize that it was just infatuation

That the base of the pit lacked a strong foundation

When we talk,can we have an endless conversation

For hours barely noticing the passage of time

When our hearts beat, do they do so in sync,do they rhyme

When we stare into each other’s soul

Do we realize that we should not be alone,sole

Is there more to us than just holding hands

And stealing kisses while listening to my favorite bands

Are we doing a fling or are we in it for the long haul

Tell me now so I can see the light like St Paul

The chase is fun and all but it eventually gets old

I’ll run,then jog,walk and finally pull up and stop to rest

And just like that, you no longer hold my interest

It’s not that the grass is greener on the other side

It’s that I’m trying to water us and we’ve already died
Copyright ©paulzay 2017


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