Let there be men

Boys are born,where do men come from though? 

What makes a man a man?

We focused too much on girls we forgot about the boy child

Yet,we blame men for not being manly enough

Most men were raised more by mom than by dad

So they were bound to be a gentle soul with a big heart

But a man is supposed to be ‘macho’ all hard like steel

Being soft is same as being weak,they said

The world is for the bold,not the meek ,they said

Mwanaume ni effort,they said

So I made effort to be the man society spoke of

Sadly like most people, I didn’t grow up with much of role models

Hiphop celebrities were my models but I didn’t like them much

Why?because mama said put some respect on everybody

But hiphop did the opposite and treated ladies like a nobody

I turned to rnb because at least they glorified women

But I was labelled a ‘sissy’ for my playlist 

Too romantic,too soulful to be a real man

Girls are a weird lot too because those I treated well

Didn’t appreciate it but they loved guys who are assholes 

I remember once when i was around 7 I was called a real man

Because I pulled out my milk teeth without flinching

Then the teenage years came by and so did the gonads

To be a real man I now had to have a girlfriend or three to my name

Just like a smokie ad, one is never enough

Things escalated quickly to having to bed them too

The pastors were also on my neck saying that 

A real man will wait for marriage before having sex

A real man only has eyes for one woman,faithful

A real man reads the word of God regularly and prays

Decisions decisions…

When did things cease to be in black and white

And gray came along?

Be a man,

Throw a punch,take tequila without being a puss

Be an engineer,doctor ,captain. Nurse? I think I’ll pass

Being broke and jobless makes you less of a man

Be cold, aloof,emotionless, man of steel

Definitely don’t cry.real men don’t cry

Don’t talk too much , chatterbox

Don’t get too attached and sure as hell don’t fall in love

I wish there were a guidebook or a manual

Or atleast society stop labelling what a man is or isn’t

Let me define manhood for myself 

Because a man is me and I am a man

We can’t all be the same,I’m in my own lane

Let me be a man, with or without a cane
Copyright ©paulzay™ 2017

Fortune Series 1 : plus+

I met her in late November
When we started talking is a bit hard to remember
Notwithstanding she set fire to my cold dying ember 
I’ll be quick to say I wasn’t thinking with my member
All I wanted to do was give her loving that was tender
I had no evil plans or intentions or a hidden agenda
the problem was that she wasn’t mine for the taking
Having been down that road before, I knew I was headed for aching
But I was a moth drawn towards her beautiful flame
I couldn’t resist,I wanted her ,no regrets no shame
If I were a sir ,I wanted her to be my dame
But she didn’t even know my middle name
That didn’t matter, I still liked her all the same
The way she talked it was like nothing I’d heard before
I wanted to hear more ,to beg her for more
And I did beg,subtly of course and she would comply,
Smiling like she knew something I didn’t
Then one day she gave me an even more subtle hint
She slipped her hand into mine,fingers intertwined , being quite calm
I didn’t get it until day three when she was doodling on my palm
And my brain finally caught on with what the heart already knew
As a scout my motto is to always be prepared but this was new
I was both excited and deathly terrified of the prospect
Thinking I was just as slick, I pretended I wasnt responsible for what would come next
The playing fingers became holding hands became sitting closer
And before I knew it,I was in hugs that I didn’t want to end,no Sir
I mean, if i were a fish I’d say she got me hook,line and sinker
I was no pan but she made me fly like Peter and she was my Bell, Tinker

Copyright © PaulZay™ 2017