Fortune Series 1 : plus+

I met her in late November
When we started talking is a bit hard to remember
Notwithstanding she set fire to my cold dying ember 
I’ll be quick to say I wasn’t thinking with my member
All I wanted to do was give her loving that was tender
I had no evil plans or intentions or a hidden agenda
the problem was that she wasn’t mine for the taking
Having been down that road before, I knew I was headed for aching
But I was a moth drawn towards her beautiful flame
I couldn’t resist,I wanted her ,no regrets no shame
If I were a sir ,I wanted her to be my dame
But she didn’t even know my middle name
That didn’t matter, I still liked her all the same
The way she talked it was like nothing I’d heard before
I wanted to hear more ,to beg her for more
And I did beg,subtly of course and she would comply,
Smiling like she knew something I didn’t
Then one day she gave me an even more subtle hint
She slipped her hand into mine,fingers intertwined , being quite calm
I didn’t get it until day three when she was doodling on my palm
And my brain finally caught on with what the heart already knew
As a scout my motto is to always be prepared but this was new
I was both excited and deathly terrified of the prospect
Thinking I was just as slick, I pretended I wasnt responsible for what would come next
The playing fingers became holding hands became sitting closer
And before I knew it,I was in hugs that I didn’t want to end,no Sir
I mean, if i were a fish I’d say she got me hook,line and sinker
I was no pan but she made me fly like Peter and she was my Bell, Tinker

Copyright © PaulZay™ 2017


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