Fortunes Series 2 :Dear God

The universe has a broken sense of humor

I know this as a fact,not as just another rumor

Because though I had love on the brain like a tumor

She was the right person in the wrong time and place

I never even had time to state and plead my case

She was gone with the wind and I could not chase

Her. How could I? I had to pull myself together and try to brace

Myself to accept the fact that Maybe this wasn’t my race

I don’t believe in destiny but I believe in saying grace

So I did the best I could, I talked to the good lord up above

And said dear lord save her for me ,she’s the one

She’s what I need after all is said and done

I need you to Protect her from heartbreak and love gone sour

Or at least show her that I can be her strong tower

And as I think of her every second of every hour

I hope you keep her as beautiful as an exotic flower

And her smile as wide as the ocean

I pray she realises that for her I’ll swim across the ocean

Even though I can’t swim & I’d probably drown at the shore

Dear lord I hope she is part of what you’ve got in store

I hope you bring us together because no man can put asunder

Even though I know many will try to put us under

As you set things in motion for our paths to cross 

I am grateful in advance because you’re my source


Copyright©Paul Zay 2017


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