You are special, you are amazing, 

You are probably the person Shakespeare keeps on praising

you are kind and one of a kind,

you are a rockstar because you rock not just the world but my world too

You are beautiful on the inside, on the outside you are beyond it

You are a happy little bunny full of  fun,very funny and sunny

Because you light up the world whenever you smile and I’d walk a Mile 

Or a 1000 miles to keep that smile on 

You are fresh like air con

You keep it popping and you ain’t corn 

One day when the wall between us is torn,

I hope to make your life full of laughter

Each day and every day after..

I want to write your life a new chapter

And it will go something like this:

From the moment they met,nothing was amiss 

She couldn’t recall being this carefree and full of bliss ,all she wanted was to be his

They were meant to be a couple, not a couple of friends 

So when he finally asked her out it was like an overdue process

He didn’t want to play games,clearly not into recess

He knew what he wanted and she loved that in a man ,

Saying yes to him was only the second best decision she ever made,

The first one being saying yes to Jesus Christ

Stealing her heart was nothing short of a miraculous heist

In him she found her solace,she was never alone

In him she found her place,finally she was home..

The rest of the chapter will remain unwritten because love is endless

And timeless and keep on going nonetheless
©paulzay 2017

#lovelivesmatter #heartfeltthoughts #writerslounge 


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