Mirror of Erised 

I barely recognize the man in the mirror 

Who is he?where is he from ?

What’s his story?

I have an out of body experience with my existence

Like I’m a bystander, a passenger in another’s vehicle

My life is not my own,I have no control

I don’t have admin access,I’m a guest

So I enjoy the basics but miss out on the fundamental things

Looking at myself I’m like ‘hey stranger,

You look like you’re addicted to danger

You look like everything I wish I could be

Carefree,careless even,fun,on the run

On the run from me,yourself .

Or am I the one running?

Because everyday I find myself farther away from you 

The chasm cum canyon between us ever expanding

Like tectonic plates moving slowly but surely in opposite directions

But I can’t run,you can’t run either

I need you and you need me.

I am you ,you are me,

You and me are we,

We are us.

©P∆UL Z∆Y 2K17


She’s not the girl you always wanted,

The girl of your dreams

Her hips lie more than our politicians and the devil do

You suspect her ancestors probably practised voodoo

Maybe that’s why she can juju on that beat so well with two left feet

As far as fashion goes,she’s senseless,no fashion sense whatsoever

She doesn’t run so she can’t keep up with the current trends

But you can’t dare say she lacks style 

She laughs at what you call swag saying that you dress like a child

At the same time she says you look a little cute

But in a puppy kinda way 

And she likes puppies,which is a plus

She keeps you on your tippy toes

Frustrates you then makes you happy in equal measure

 She looks you right in the eyes when you talk and it scares you

Her eyes see right through your bullshit and charade 

And it throws you off your game

You’re not as good as you thought you were and she’s better 

She tells you her cornrows are tighter than your lines

She makes you think with your upstairs brain instead of the one downstairs

She won’t grind on you like every other girl cz she’s not every other girl

Even though her behind invites you to stand behind her

She won’t shake it either. She’ll shake her head in disappointment though

At your futile attempts to woo her

She’s not easy

Your money means nothing to her because she has her own

She’s a strong black woman who don’t need no man

So she sure as hell doesn’t need YOU

But she can want you

She already has you and she knows it

She’s got you trapped in her web like prey 

There may be plenty more fish in the sea but she’s a shark

She would be quite the catch 

She’s not the girl of your dreams but now you reason

 that you don’t really get that much sleep to dream anyways 

©P∆UL Z∆Y 2017

Bird set free

What is freedom?

What is freedom if I’m not free?

If I’m rooted to one place like a tree

Treated like a captive in my own country

What is freedom if I cannot speak

Speak Out against the injustices that have reached a new peak

What is freedom if I’m not safe at my sanctuary of worship

If the said place is not even considered under state protectorship

What is freedom if I’m not free to choose

If I have no control over anything like an addict of booze

If I feel like I have nothing to gain and everything to lose

And as I walk around I ooze 

Desperation and despair because the weight

On my shoulders won’t let me stand straight 

To my full height 

Because the powers that be look at me with fright 

That if they unchained me like django, I might

Come to my senses and realize that  I can fight

Back and actually win 

But they don’t want me to win

I know it is true because they won’t let me in

On the secrets to success even though they keep it within

My sight but out of my grasp

 like the proverbial carrot and stick and I gasp

For air as I try to catch my breath 

After another day of running after that carrot of death

I may be way out of my depth 

But I won’t beat around the bush like Tarzan

Instead I will stand up taller than

 Mohammed Ali, wake up early n tell myself ‘weh ni mkali

But unlike my brother graph  khali ,I will not graphically

Hold premature mazishis for my comrades in the game

And even though we dont deserve the blame,It is I who will hang my head in shame

If my daughter has to take D from her educators all in the name

Of not getting an E in her paper. I’d rather she gave zero F’s  about that exam.

Or if my son starts walking around with a gun to protect our fam

Because the streets are unsafe like unprotected sex 

And people are getting crazier than a jilted ex

It is time for a dissolution ,because I am no longer disillusioned

And I as the opposition have a proposition for the demolition of the devolution

Through collision with the coalition of crooks leading our society without sobriety

I am not sarafina so freedom is coming today not tomorrow 

Because I have reached the peak of my pain and sorrow

Im ready to wage war even if I’m solo

Wherever the road to freedom leads I will follow

Farewell as i journey along in this quest for a new era of peace

Because if I don’t do it myself,not even Swizz beats 

who married miss Alicia ,has the Keys, 

to set us free

And may we dwell in unity ,peace, and liberty🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

©Paul Zay 2017