Mirror of Erised 

I barely recognize the man in the mirror 

Who is he?where is he from ?

What’s his story?

I have an out of body experience with my existence

Like I’m a bystander, a passenger in another’s vehicle

My life is not my own,I have no control

I don’t have admin access,I’m a guest

So I enjoy the basics but miss out on the fundamental things

Looking at myself I’m like ‘hey stranger,

You look like you’re addicted to danger

You look like everything I wish I could be

Carefree,careless even,fun,on the run

On the run from me,yourself .

Or am I the one running?

Because everyday I find myself farther away from you 

The chasm cum canyon between us ever expanding

Like tectonic plates moving slowly but surely in opposite directions

But I can’t run,you can’t run either

I need you and you need me.

I am you ,you are me,

You and me are we,

We are us.

©P∆UL Z∆Y 2K17


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