I want to see you naked.

stark naked.

I want to see you naked as the day you were born,

In your birthday suit,the only suit that you ever truly owned,

Vulnerable like an open wound, trusting blindly like a child

Free of inhibitions before life touched you inappropriately

I wish i was talking about your inner thigh

But no,I’m talking about your parts that are invisible to the naked eye

Parts that will leave me singing oh me oh my

Dont be shy,

Undress for me.

Or if you let me , i want to undress you

To take off the layers of walls you’ve built to keep people out

But really keep you trapped inside

To take off that Cinderella slipper personality that you wear for the public

But isnt the real you and it vanishes when the clock strikes twelve 

I’m not interested in appearances,

Show me the ugly beneath your beautiful,

The ice behind your fire

The thorns in your roses

i want to know you

Not as king David knew another man’s wife 

But as an open book revealing all its secrets

So open up for me

Spread not the lips of your labia majora ,

but the lids of your inner pandora

And release the darkness within and demons 

Open up the doors of your closet and show me your skeletons

Because i know we’re not always made of sugar and spice

And everything nice like rainbows and butterflies and sunshine

Let me see the storm that rages inside you and the thunder

That you hide because you fear it might take me under 

I want you to ache for me

I want you to ache from laughing too much til your chest hurts

And leave you breathless and gasping for air

I want you to ache when you miss my very presence because i am a part of you.

I don’t want to give you heartache or be a headache

But i want to remove the numbness you’ve acquired from too much pain

I want to make you wet

I want to make you wet with tears of joy on the day that i go down 

On one knee for your hand 

I want to bathe you

If that’s not possible then i want to shower you

Shower you with as much love and affection as i can muster

Then i want to dry you off

Dry off the tears you’ve cried for your past lovers and mistakes

Tears you’ve cried at 3am when you’re having a meltdown on the floor

So show me your nakedness 

I promise you won’t ever have to hide anymore

Copyright ©Paul Zay 2017


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