Mirror of Erised 

I barely recognize the man in the mirror  Who is he?where is he from ? What's his story? I have an out of body experience with my existence Like I'm a bystander, a passenger in another's vehicle My life is not my own,I have no control I don't have admin access,I'm a guest So I … Continue reading Mirror of Erised 



​ She's not the girl you always wanted, The girl of your dreams See unlike shakira ,her hips lie and when they do they lie more than our politicians and the devil do You suspect her forefathers probably practised voodoo Maybe that's why she can juju on that beat so well despite having two left … Continue reading Wanderlust 


​ You are special, you are amazing,  You are probably the person Shakespeare keeps on praising you are kind and one of a kind, you are a rockstar because you rock not just the world but my world too You are beautiful on the inside, on the outside you are beyond it You are a … Continue reading Sundance